House of Serenissima

The Drag House in Venice

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"Cyborgs, as philosopher Donna Haraway has established, are not respectful. They do not remember the Universe."

The House of Serenissima is Venice's drag collective, an artistic project to bring the drag art of queer people living in Venice to stages and public places.

Founded in 2021 from a rib of the Queer We Go collective following the sinking of the Zan DDL to fight against homolesbobitransphobia, the House of Serenissima takes up the concept of communities of drag performers who identify with a shared artistic project.
The House of Serenissima is a militant art group that aims to:
- Giving a space to people who want to try drag
- Propose an alternative to the cultural offer of Venice, beyond spritz - finger food and big events for tourists and private parties for big wallets
- Giving a voice to queer people in Venice
- Creating shows with a political content

House produces on stages all over Italy. It also offers turnkey shows or collaboratively written together with the cultural organisations that host them.


the House of Serenissima

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