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Just like home

The House of Serenissima welcomes people in Venice who wish to take the stage in drag. Drag performances are shows by artists.e.i who, through make-up and costume, change their appearance.

In 2021, the House of Serenissima was founded in Venice to offer young and old the chance to experience being on stage in drag, creating their own character and making it grow show after show. With the guidance of more experienced performers, a choreographer and two make-up artists, the group is supported by the Queer We Go Collective and carries out part of its activities at the Laboratorio Occupato Morion in the Sestiere di Castello in Venice.

Starting with the best-known example of Drag Queens, i.e. men who assume a female appearance, the House of Serenissima is also made up of Drag Kings (women in male clothing), Bio Queens (women in female clothing), Bio Kings (men in male clothing) and far beyond. The play of parts, from Shakespeare to Goldoni, moves into the contemporary and touches the heart of the 'queer' question. The activities offered by the House of Serenissima, whether performances or workshops, pass through various themes dear to each person: self-exploration, relationships, the environment, the city, art and politics.

All this takes place in an atmosphere of affection and kindness, so that everyone can express themselves in safety and freedom. A bit like home... or as a home should be!

Lola Benvestio. Foto di Madama Mae.
Lola Benvestio as seen through Madame Mae's lens.

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